About the Level 3 Assignments

In order to complete your Level 3 training, all IIQTC students are required to complete the following assignments:

  1. Class description for a flyer or catalog (200 words or less)
  2. Professional biography (75 words or less)
  3. Class outline (for a 6-8 week session)
  4. Paper -- Your paper can be as brief as 3 - 5 pages, but can also be as long as you want. The topic is your choice and will foster your growth or promote your work. References from books, journal articles, or the web are requested but not required. Think about publishing it as a part of your credibility and public relations

Items 1-3 prepare you to submit a class proposal at a YMCA, community center or retreat center. After completing these assignments, please email to IIQTC Headquarters at iiqtc@healthaction.net.

Gathering Celestial Qi with Dr Jahnke

Required Texts and Videos Can Help You

Whether you are an experienced leader, avid practitioner or beginning student, it is strongly suggested that you acquire and utilize the following resources to prepare yourself for the IIQTC training. These materials are the foundation of the course work and will enhance your overall learning experience. In addition this resources would provide excellent references to assist you with your Level 3 paper.