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Confident to Immediately Begin Teaching -- Dr. Gayl Hubatch, LAc, OMD,

I graduated from IIQTC in January of 2009 and felt confident to immediately begin teaching. I started a class in February, which ran for 4 years twice weekly. The group was small but committed to learning tai chi easy and qigong. The people that came became good friends and I could see the potential for community building. Now, I'm teaching through several venues: community center, acupuncture college, yoga studios and nationally at venues such as the National Qigong Association's conference  and at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA.  I realize Level 2 and 3 brought home the knowledge that teaching taiji and qigong are really about helping empower people to gain more control of their health and balanced state of being. It is a privilege and a lot of fun getting to know many kinds of people. I look forward to my classes weekly in Austin and the out of state workshops which bring creative diversity and excitement to share these wonderful experiences. 

 My Reality… about IIQTC Training -- Henderson J. Smith Jr. IIQTC, NQA Certified | Holistic Wellness Consultant | Certified Qigong and Tai Chi Teacher

I drank the magic elixir of “Qi Kool-Aid” at Level 1 in Austin Texas in February of 2005. By June 2006, I was teaching full time and had given up a career spanning 20 years in the insurance, employee benefits business. I was driven by an inspired calling to continue my personal growth and continue the Integral Training that would deepen my databank of ability to teach Qigong and Tai Chi. I practiced diligently, I taught and I continued with Level II in Colorado and Level III in Santa Barbara. Post-graduation; and with an IIQTC Qigong and Tai Chi Teacher Certificate, the inspiration was stronger than ever to pay it forward. This was information too valuable not to share. I knew that I had to carry on Dr. Roger Jahnke’s vision to have each one teach one and have thousands teach millions until there is a movement of citizens practicing self-care and activating their own “Healer Within”. Every day, I am honored to share this body of knowledge with everyone who will listen or be curious enough to question why I practice it for myself.

To those considering the continuation of their IIQTC training, the timing has never been better and the tipping point of demand for the phenomenon of mind-body-breath practice we teach has never been closer. Seven years ago when I got started telling corporation that the big “Return On Investment” would come with an investment in the “human capital assets” that is ultimately responsible for profits. I boasted that your investment in people will be the deciding factor in the future financial health of your company. Today, more and more often, company executives, community organizations and individual wellness consumers are proving with millions spent out of their own pocket the value of self-care and complementary practices. With mounting evidence for their positive effect on the quality of life and factual effectiveness for improving health, Qigong and Tai Chi are poised to have tremendous financial implications for those trained to teach it. The only question is will those seeking this training be more likely to choose YOU as a teacher with an IIQTC Teaching Certification or without?

I am forever grateful to Dr. Roger Jahnke and the IIQTC, for creating the professional standard in teacher training. Because of you, I am and others can be one of the legitimate IIQTC Certified Qigong and Tai Chi Teachers positioned to ride the coming wave of demand for Americas new Yoga. Better yet, one of Americas best and cheapest answers to the health care crisis.

Rediscover Our Own Wealth Within -- Lori Furbush, EnerQiHealing.com

"I cannot even begin to quantify how graduating from the IIQTC with a 200-hour certification has changed my life.  Though I was already a certified and experienced Qigong teacher when I walked into the first day of Level I training, I found that studying with Roger Jahnke has given me both roots and wings – deep roots of wisdom, legacy, and form, along with broad wings of freedom and inspiration to follow the formless.  The breadth of Qigong forms presented in Level I was rich, and the lectures and discussions kept me spellbound every moment.  Though I had never studied Tai Chi, I discovered a love for the practice at Level II.  I’ve gone on to learn other longer forms quite easily, because of the great foundation built from learning, practicing, and teaching Tai Chi Easy and Integral Tai Chi.  The capstone of my IIQTC experience was reuniting once again with my “Qi family” for the wonder of Alchemy at Level III.  It was amazing to see how the 200-hour program had stoked the fire of empowerment and stirred the water of compassion in each of us.  And we found that coming together with like-minded people with open, loving hearts and inquiring minds is more than just a cool experience – it is a necessity!  I am continually compelled to reunite with Roger and all of the alumni, because we are each a vital ingredient in the golden elixir that is the IIQTC.  Like Laozi, Roger is a venerable and humble master, skillfully guiding us to continually rediscover our own wealth within."

Experience Alchemy -- Mark Melchiorre, LAc

A Taoist classic says that, “In wizardry, Heaven is the mind and Earth is the body.” In levels 1 and 2 we were in the earth realm as represented by the body. We learned and perfected forms, movements, gestures and postures. In level 3 we enter the realm of heaven, the mind. We learn and practice using the mind to cultivate and experience a sense of unity with the formless that underlies the world of our everyday experience. We call this Alchemy.

The wizards of fantasy used alchemy to turn lead into gold. Finer than any precious metal you will be turning the 'lead' of everyday common experience into the 'gold' of that experience imbued with the eternal, with the formless.

When you are able to do alchemy, and you will, your private practice and the classes you teach will take on a special quality, perhaps you will sense it as being 'in the zone.' It is born of that unity with the eternal.

Being able to experience Alchemy has made a positive impact on my life both personal and professional.