Ten Powerful Benefits of
Primordial Qigong Immersion

  1. Explore and develop Inner Alchemy (Neigong or internal skill) in your Qigong practice.

  2. Perceive energy within and around your body -- Feel the Qi, Direct the Qi, Transform the Qi.

  3. Develop, deepen and refine your own personal practice -- for your unique life, as you are, for who you are and who you might become.

  4. Learn and practice the Primordial Qigong form -- Wuji Qigong.

  5. Make new like-minded friends and alliances.

  6. Learn to discriminate various states of mind/consciousness and their practice uses.

  7. Rehabilitate your cells and your DNA; Primordial Qigong Practice has profound physiological and energetic benefits.

  8. Refine "ordinary" awareness to develop your extrasensory perception and work with the energetics of the mental and emotional bodies.

  9. Learn and practice "Tapping Primordial" a version of tapping acupressure which releases the primordial energy of the universe within.

  10. Participants receive a training manual and have exclusive access to a web-based library of audio and video materials.
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The Three Treasures of Life

The deep layers of human experience are chemical, energetic and alchemical. Perceiving human experience in these three layers is an ancient practice captured by Chinese cosmology and culture.

This world view represents the aspects of a full being, a way of perceiving and experiencing life. The ancient Chinese called this the Three Treasures (San Bao). Being Alive is the experience of embracing change and transformation on multiple levels.

You have likely sensed these things? Our normal lives, according to the ancients, are mythic and symbolic.The story of your life is the story of life. For your energetic self, no matter what you experience, your timeless energetic self is eternally refining.

This is Alchemy!



October 13 - 18, 2013 Won Dharma Center


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Watch a short video on the mindset you tap into when you practice Qigong.

Learn to practice one of the

most powerful forms of Qigong.

"I love Primordial Qigong – Wuji Gong! The form is beautiful, mesmerizing, and deeply internal. Spending an intense retreat learning and practicing the Wuji is like stepping into a different dimension — a portal into the formless. I emerged feeling strong, centered, and interconnected with life."
-- Lori Furbush, California, IIQTC Teacher and Yoga Teacher

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Primordial Qigong -- A Portal

The Primordial Qigong form (Wuji Qigong) is claimed to be the Mother of Tai Chi, emerging before history and refined over millennia. Dr. Roger Jahnke will reveal its historic roots in ancient Daoism and Chinese shamanism. While the traditional foundation of Primordial Qigong is known as alchemy, it is a practical system for cultivating physical stillness and conscious (deliberate) movement. Relaxation or release of muscular tension when combined with special breathing practices produces a profound medicine or elixir within. This process develops a high level of coordination of inner focus, purposeful concentration and Qi cultivation skill, a portal to purposeful personal transformation!

Such skill has many applications. In particular, it is highly regarded in the martial arts as the characteristic of well-trained practitioners and masters. The ultimate purpose of this practice is to become at one with Heaven or the Dao or the ALL THAT IS. In this regard, the benefits of this practice are not meant solely for specialists of any kind -- martial artists, doctors, monks or scholars. The benefits are meant for anyone with the sincere intent to know, deeply and completely, the nature of things.

Primordial Qigong practice is a “shortcut” to concentration and internal reflection which results in a heightened self-awareness that increases over time with continued practice. Practitioners report awareness of the workings of their blood circulation, peristalsis, muscular movement, skeletal alignment, balance and, as well, the nature of insight, knowing and pre-cognitive states.

In addition, over time and with sincere immersion in practice, practitioners come to know their own minds and emotional responses. The bodies and temperaments of practitioners are said to soften, become more pliable and even — to glow. These are all ”confirmatory signs” of the Qi moving and functioning freely in the human system.

What happens as the result of continual practice is a type of internal alchemy, a refinement and manifestation of the Three Treasures or San Bao (in Chinese). The Three Treasures are known as Jing, Qi and Shen and can be loosely translated as Essence, Vitality and Spirit. According to ancient Daoist doctrine, the Three Treasures can be described as three types of energy available to humans.

The Dao De Jing purported to be written by Lao Zi states in Chapter 42 that "The Dao gives birth to the One, the One gives birth to the Two (Taiji or Yin and Yang ) and the Two gives birth to the Three." This, in turn, gives rise to the four directions, the five elements, and the 10,000 Things: EVERYTHING that exists in heaven and on earth.

What would arise if you — with purpose and intent — enter into a conscious relationship with your own resources, your own Three Treasures? The promise according to the ancient Chinese sages is entry into a relationship with your eternal nature. This is truly an opportunity.

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