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August 27 - 28, 2016
Asheville, NC

Asheville, NC


Saturday, August 27
9:00 am - 5:30 pm

Sunday, August 28
9:00 am - 5:30 pm

The 3 Treasures – Jing, Qi , Shen – are the theoretical foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine and philosophy and the amazing practices of Qigong and Tai Chi. These 3 Treasures represent body, mind, and spirit -- aspects of our being as well as the Earth below, the Heaven above and the richness of our own Life between Heaven and Earth.

Ancient shamans and immortals AND contemporary quantum scientists of longevity and transformative energies agree that cultivation of Qi — Qigong -- is one of the most eloquent forms of mind-body practice, empowerment, mindfulness and energy medicine.

In this weekend workshop led by Dr. Roger Jahnke you will learn 9 Phase Integral Qigong™, Qi cultivation practices integrated from revered traditional ancient forms, directly correlated with the powerful framework of the 3 Treasures  - Body Medicine, HeartMind Medicine, and Spirit Medicine. 

The Healing Promise of QiDiscover your own natural inner power through these transformative Qigong practices distilled in Dr. Jahnke's book The Healing Promise of Qi: Creating Extraordinary Wellness Through Qigong and Tai Chi following many research trips to China and 35 years in clinical practice as a doctor of Chinese medicine.

This phased 3-fold approach is a reflection of time-honored ancient traditions of practice — Inner Alchemy -- that will support you to deepen your connection to the timeless, eternal aspects of your being and immediately benefit your physical health and well-being today and for the rest of your life.

Workshop fee includes:

About Asheville, NC

Asheville is a vibrant welcoming city in western North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains, known for its vibrant arts scene, healing resorts, outdoor adventure, and historic architecture. The mountain location and elevation makes for cooler temperatures that other areas in the Southeast even during the month of August. Asheville, NC is within driving range of Atlanta, Nashville, Roanoke, Charlotte, and Charleston.

Asheville Digital Travel Guide

Directions to Town & Mountain Training Center

Town & Mountain Training Center
261 Asheland Ave, Ste 103
Asheville, NC 28801

Town & Mountain Training Center is located behind Town and Mountain Realty at 261 Asheland Avenue on the south side of downtown Asheville. It has lots of parking and is located within walking distance of numerous restaurants perfect for our lunch breaks.

There are a large number of restaurants serving a variety of foods are available in many different price ranges. Asheville is always rated in the Top 10 places for vegetarian food and almost all restaurants have vegetarian and vegan options. And of course Carolina barbecue and southern dishes are also well represented.


Lodging Suggestions

More lodging ideas in Asheville Digital Travel Guide

Aloft Asheville Downtown
51 Biltmore Avenue
Asheville, NC 28801
Phone: 828-232-2838
Central Reservations: 866-716-8143

Downtown Inn & Suites
120 Patton Avenue
Asheville, NC 28801
Phone: 828-254-9661

Four Points by Sheraton
22 Woodfin Street
Asheville, NC, 28801
Phone: 828-253-1851
Hotel Reservations: 866-716-8133

Hotel Indigo
151 Haywood Street,
Asheville, NC 28801
Phone: 800-951-4667 or 828-239-0239

Renaissance Asheville Hotel
31 Woodfin Street
Asheville, NC 28801
Phone: 828-252-8211