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"The retreat was a stripping away and releasing what isn't serving me anymore, which brings a great rush of relief and clarity. As part of the process I'm cultivating the capacity to sort out what energy is mine and what energy, stories, and messages belong to others. Taking that clarity into my "real" life means taking some time for integration and processing. I'm continuing to practice and also being very mindful about my self-care. My life before Primordial and my life IN Primordial are merging. When asked about my Primordial Qigong experience, I speak to what a blessing it was to have so much opportunity for going deep into the practice, while others took care of all the details of the day - like meals! But the Qigong, the bonds with Qigong friends, the inward journey - words are really inadequate to describe it!"
-- Julie Balderrama, Events Coordinator turned Coach and Integral Qigong and Tai Chi Teacher

"Since the Primordial Qigong retreat I've become more skillful at bringing the ease felt during my Qigong and meditation practices into my moment to moment life -- outside of the formal practices. The teaching of letting consciousness rest on the breath is so significant to me. If anything is going to bring more ease into my moment to moment life, what may have most potential is remembering — let the mind rest on the breath. With the feeling of deep peace during those couple of minutes I sense access access to the medicine within from the realm of eternal wellness. When I tune into the breath and harmonize the Qi, even momentarily throughout each day, my body/mind can abide in a more restful way, allowing healing to more easily occur."
-- Mark Brody, Educational Psychologist in Secondary Schools, Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leader

"I can't explain it or really understand fully --- it is as if I have taken a giant step back from life as I know it. Things don't look or feel the same as before the – Golden Elixir Primordial Qigong Retreat. Even though I have experienced Qigong and Tai Chi, this is WAY different! The week was wonderful and transformative! Being with like-minded souls on a similar kind of journey is such a pleasure. And especially sharing with new friends of shared value -- so special."
-- Kathy Brubaker, Small Business Manager in Construction Industry, Integral Qigong and Tai Chi Teacher

"The effect of the Golden Elixir Retreat retreat has remained strong for me -  a place I can return to at any time!  Deep breaths and closed eyes on a memory snapshot of the mountains, meditation hall and the mind reaching inward/outward in stillness.  During my practice time, I trace the vortex of that deceptively simple Golden Elixir Form, which I have come to love almost more than any other! It lifts me -- sometimes it seems bodily -- away from the obligations of this life to  a place ---unlike any other, and knowing I can be there, any time I wish, is a priceless gift.  Thank you Roger, for Primordial Qigong and for your life's work of transmitting this ancient wisdom to all of us you have taught so graciously, and spreading far and wide."
-- Eileen Alman, Integral Tai Chi™ Practice Leader

“The Primordial Qigong workshop I took with Dr. Roger Jahnke deepened my understanding of the ancient roots of Qigong and helped deepen my daily practice. I love the form and love the philosophy. Together they have added a whole new dimension to my life and my profession as a Qigong and Tai Chi Teacher.”
-- Bill Wrenn, Connecticut, Photographer turned Integral Qigong and Tai Chi Teacher

"I love Primordial ~ Golden Elixir Qigong! The form is beautiful, mesmerizing, and deeply internal. Spending an intense retreat learning and practicing the Wuji is like stepping into a different dimension — a portal into the formless. I emerged feeling strong, centered, and interconnected with life."
-- Lori Furbush, California, Integral Qigong and Tai Chi Teacher and Yoga Instructor, who clearly loves Qigong

"I was able to gain soothing emotional healing insights during the Primordial Qigong Workshop. The meditations and the Primordial Qigong form that we practiced encouraged us to transcend time to view present situations and manifestations from a different perspective. I was able to follow and retrace the thread of a very difficult relationship back to beyond its inception. What was revealed was that the lifelong tension had nothing to do with me. From this perspective I have been able to experience real compassion and forgiveness of self and others. I have been able to let go of some of the anger, resentment and frustration that I so desperately wanted to resolve. I realize that this workshop came at a really important time in my life. I would like to experience the retreat again as I am now a different person. Wuji Gong transformed my Qigong my personal Qigong and added incredible depth to my work as a Qigong an Tai Chi Teacher.”
-- Jessica Kolbe, California, Interior Decorating Professional turned Integral Qigong and Tai Chi Teacher

“I have realized that it is hard to find words for the Primordial Qigong experience – I feel it did what its name implies --- took me out of my mind and into “the great beyond.” I loved the practice and remember waking up day 3 thinking, “I am absolutely pain-free!” -- which is an unusual experience for me. I easily learned the form and contacted some deep and difficult emotional material, processed and released almost effortlessly. What a profound and beautiful experience.”
-- Mariah Wentworth, Texas, Retreat Center Owner — Rainbow Hearth

“The Primordial Qigong (Wuji Gong) was my first experience with the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi (IIQTC). The retreat deepened my daily Qigong practice by sharpening my focus on the internal dynamics of Qigong. I came to the training "knowing" that Qigong cultivates internal energy and mind/body/spirit transformation - I left the retreat "feeling" this. Qigong can give you a "rush" or a "high" but rushes do not last. Primordial Qigong added substantial and sustainable depth to my practice. The IIQTC philosophy and approach is a really great way to begin or expand a Qigong practice.”
-- Michael Brown, Wisconsin, Chaplain with the Mayo Health System

“The Primordial Qigong retreat was an amazing week. As a graduate of the Integral Qigong and Tai Chi Instructor Training, I was excited for this further opportunity to deepen my practice under the guidance and wisdom of Dr. Jahnke. The alchemy created by the powerful Wuji Gong form, tranquil setting of the natural environment, and intimate group of earnest participants was - for me - a healing and transformative experience. For the past few years, I’ve been struggling with career burnout and the pain and fatigue of advancing arthritic conditions. The balance between meditative and movement practices and formal/informal scheduling was a profound experience for me. I was on an energy high for over a month following this workshop! The Primordial Qigong workshop is a must for those intent upon navigating their Qigong and Tai Chi practices to a deeper, more meaningful level.”
-- Nancy Jo Hambleton, Minnesota, Former Academician turned Freelance Wellness Consultant

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