Now you can schedule private coaching or teaching with Dr. Roger Jahnke by phone, Skype, or Zoom

What My Consultations Provide:

A better understanding and clearer perspective on situations, challenges or decisions you may be facing, whether they be about relationships, career, yourself, or spiritual in nature.

Help in seeing beyond any limiting beliefs you may have about yourself or your situation and guidance to help you understand yourself better so you can reach your full potential.

Intuitive path
Insight to help you see things from a fresh perspective, allowing you to recognize options that you might have not realized were there.

Encouragement, to give you the strength to overcome challenges or situations that may be holding you back.

Guidance to help you better explore and understand your personal spiritual journey.

A virtual roadmap to help clarify the next steps to take when you feel blocked or stuck.







Photo Credit: Evan Janke Photography