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The graduate of Integral Energetics Level 1 is a practitioner, given anyone who practices anything is a practitioner. The graduate is not a therapist, clinician, master or teacher. The IIQTC Teacher Training is a 200 hour program. However, the graduate of Integral Energetics can reasonably use the terms energy healing or energy enhancement coach, facilitator, consultant or educator in addition to practitioner. A graduate is not certified to do anything specific as in a certain protocol or method or to make any claim. Participants are certified as having been present for the training and exposed to the curriculum.

Certification suggests a certain exposure to information and experience and it supports an individual in practicing Integral Energetics within the context of any professional certification that the participant already has earned and maintains – nurse, physician, therapist, school teacher, counselor, trainer, consultant. And, even for individuals with no particular profession in the “helping professions” – for example parents and grandparents – then IIQTC encourages enthusiastic sharing of the Integral Energetics and energy healing methods as the level of need for health improvement in our society is tragically grave.

The IIQTC can not make any claim as to efficacy of any graduate of this course, it is a course about learning to learn by practice overtime. The IIQTC can not make any particular claim about the character of the individuals who participate in the training as the entire body of information is in the public domain and has no association with medicine or therapy. It is the intent of the IIQTC to be a part of creating a better, more vital society by fueling a revolution in personal responsibility and health maximization.

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About the Integral Energetics Program

Like the IIQTC Training program for Tai Chi Easy Practice Leader, Integral Energetics Level 1 has no prerequisites. This entry gateway to the realm of Energy Medicine, Energy Healing, the cultivation of energy awareness and the capacity to help, inform and empower others is focused on assisting trainees in exploring all views of the energy, vitality, Qi, Prana system with the specific intent of eliminating false assumptions and developing natural gifts.

Most people are naturally talented in energetic healing with the ability for improvement of efficiency through training and practice. The most important first step is to demystify the topic, gather information and experience and dispel false notions of limitation. Most notions of limitation arise from the fact that our society has not had a lot of experience with energy and that many have been convinced that it does not exist or is out of reach for average people. None of this is true. This training and certification is for everyone – kids, teens, moms, dads, grandparents, doctors, nurse, and more.


The program is an opportunity to:

Through the IIQTC Integral Energetics Level 1 curriculum participants will:


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