Curriculum Synopsis

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  1. Introduction of Energetics Concepts From Both Ancient Traditions and Contemporary Science.

  2. The Convergence of Many Platforms and Traditions: Integral Energetics [What It Is and What It Is Not].

  3. Energy Sensing Exercises -- Alone and with Partners and Groups.

  4. Using Technique and Non-Technique to Sense Energy.

  5. The Healing Process: Lecture and Discussion of Healing Philosophy and the Restoration of Wholeness of a System, a Person, a Life.

  6. Doing the Healing Process, Being Involved in Supporting Others in the Healing Process; Using A Method Based on Knowledge And Assessment.

  7. Doing the Healing Process, Being Involved in Supporting Others in the Healing Process; Without Using a Method and Instead Basing the Experience and Actions on Emptiness or Oneness.

  8. Releasing Healing Methods: When and How Do You Do That? What Must Be Unlearned?

  9. Healing: Learning and Unlearning.

  10. Exploring the "Personal" Techniques that People Have Come up With (see manual for examples)

  11. Skills Development: Evaluating Current Skills, Acquiring New Skills, Boundaries, Space and Protection.

  12. Practicing with Others As Practitioners: Sending and Receiving Qi.

  13. Practicum -- Develop Your Own Technique and Healing Protocol. Write Up Your Own Protocol According to the Format in the Manual. 500 words.

  14. Discussions: Summary, Learnings, Observations, Conclusions

  15. Next Steps: Practice, Gatherings, Next Levels

Required Reading

Dr. Roger Jahnke, OMD, The Healer Within and The Healing Promise of Qi.

Recommended Reading

Dr. Tianju Liu, OMD and Kevin Chen, PhD, Editors, Chinese Medical Qigong


HeartMind Xin by Jianye Jiang

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Qi by Jianye Jiang

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