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Testimonials and Endorsements for the IIQTC Training Experience

"Literally the best money I have ever spent!" -- Doreen Black, MT, Massage Therapist, Hinsdale, MA; 2003 IIQTC Graduate

"An amazing transformation as I transition to my new career in the Wellness Revolution." -- Arthur Aronson, JD Attorney, New York, NY; 2003 IIQTC Graduate

"I will never forget the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi teacher training at Omega Institute, if I live to be 150! So many terrific things and people. Let's spread the Qi to the mainstream."
-- Bernard Lorenz, Finance Business Consultant, Belcamp, MD; 2005 IIQTC Graduate

"Professionally for 20 years I gave people access to medical treatment. This training gives me a tool to transform my employee benefits business to a wellness business -- helping people to unlock their own potential for optimal living." -- Henderson Smith Jr, Insurance Broker and President, Benefits Design & Workplace Wellness, Houston, TX; 2008 IIQTC Graduate

"This training was so much more than I expected.  I not only learned to teach Qigong, but also personally benefited from the combined skill and compassion of my classmates.  I graduated with the confidence to teach and with many options to explore for my own health and well-being." -- Nancy Saum, RN Registered Nurse Washington, DC; 2004 IIQTC Graduate

The First of Three Trainings Toward 200 Hour
Integral Qigong and Tai Chi Certification


March 3 - 10, 2013
CYJ Retreat Center
Wimberley, TX

Gathering Celestial Qi at CYJ 2008 (Photo Credit Nancy Jo Hambleton)
Gathering Celestial Qi at CYJ with Dr. Jahnke

Over the years, we've helped thousands of people train to lead others in mind-body practice.

You can benefit from our experience and offer your students and clients great tools.

That's why we're holding this event on March 3-10, 2013. Great foundations mean you can start teaching right away.

Service professionals and sincere seekers alike can benefit by going deep, and learning the science behind the effects of mind-body practice and the principles that apply to years of martial arts training as well as "good living."

This Level 1 Community Practice Leader training will benefit: