Qi Matrix from The Healing Promise of Qi
Qi Matrix from The Healing Promise of Qi

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About the IIQTC

The Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi (IIQTC) is among the most credible institutions of training and research outside China and advocates for all forms of Mind-Body Practice and Energy Medicine. The IIQTC is founded on the “integral ideal” – the convergence of many paradigms, theories, schools, perspectives and points of view to distill the eternal principles.

The Practice of Being Energy

You are not just matter, you are energy.

Human Being = Energetic Being

Energetics is the total energy relations and transformations of a physical, chemical, or biological system. For example, the energetics of muscular contraction can mean many things depending on the devices used to measure: chemical substances (neurotransmitters, hormones) as signals, biological processes, and actual rates of physical movement and displacement.

This happens in you and other organic living things.

As an energetic being you are energy, and your life expresses itself as energetic phenomena from moment to moment.

You also sense energy and may even come to have a relationship with it as you come to know it in yourself and others.

Do You Know Yourself As Energy?

Due to habit and the unquestioned assumptions of multitudes, many of us act as if experts (surgeons, therapists, healers and psychics) can know more about us than we can know about ourselves. In this we deny a widely known possibility — we are ultimately eternal, inherently well and in the most ultimate sense, can not be harmed.

There is little science that confirms that experts can know more about a human being – in the sense of wholeness – than the being can know about him or herself. In fact science confirms otherwise – we can understand ourselves, we can heal ourselves and we can support, inspire and empower others. The mysterious capacities of the great wizards, Jedis and Qi masters are simply the power of the universe in the hands of disciplined cultivators of virtue and focus.

This is all the more true when two or more of us gather – youth, elder, progressive, conservative – and leverage the power within and among us that has so long been under explored. At the IIQTC we have now met children, grandparents, business executives and others who are such masters. They are identical to you, and they have opened up to their natural potential.

In this training you will not need to acquire anything or make anything happen. Instead, we purposefully dispel, cast off, lose, reduce, eliminate that which obscures the essence nature — to reveal the light and truth of the alchemical inner powers and elixirs that heal and transmute. This certification can be used professionally, however, it can also be used by average citizens who are committed to creating a more peaceful, fair and well society.

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What Do You "Do" with Energy?

The basis of Integral Energetics is that every human being has a direct and also unique relationship with the unified field, original nature, god, the quantum, source. This unique and personal connection is the very essence of the capacity to heal oneself and to accept the opportunity to assist or foster others in what is typically referenced as healing, empowerment, connection, recovering one’s essence, accessing the natural state of well-being. When you “work” with energy, this is what you work with. Put simply: Qi can be influenced to transform; Qi can be transmitted.

The study of how Qi can be influenced is the realm of energy medicine. You will be amazed at how much power and wisdom you have to use and share — there is nothing but energy in the universe, and we are energetic beings. Many believe that the body has an energy, but it is now clear that in fact the energy has a body. It is timely that we as a society more enthusiastically want to understand our energy selves.

As with the realm of Qigong and Tai Chi in China, the emerging realm of energy medicine and mind-body practice has two components:

  1. Personal Practice or Self-Cultivation -- maximization of personal capacity through self-cultivation and self-healing and empowerment
  2. Service to Others -- for the maximization of family, community and society through supportive gestures of information sharing and healing.

In Dr. Jahnke’s book The Healing Promise of Qi this aspect of “integral” cultivation is explored as the 9 Phases of Cultivation and Mastery. The IIQTC programs for the self-cultivation component are based in teaching Qigong and Tai Chi as well as training people to teach Qigong and Tai Chi. For the curriculum for professional training courses click Teacher Training and also see the training of Tai Chi Easy Practice Leaders that is under the auspices of The Healer Within Foundation. For other self-cultivation workshops, please click Calendar.

The programs for the second component, assisting others through healing and informing, the Integral Energetics program is an integral approach to what many call “healing”. This is also referenced as energy healing, qi transmission, therapeutic touch, healing touch, and biofield healing healing, Reiki, quantum healing, aura healing, chakra healing, meridian healing.

In Dr. Jahnke’s book The Healing Promise of Qi, the 10th Phase of Cultivation and Mastery is addressed – Qi Transmission. This domain of healing is where one or several person’s assists in enhancing the well-being one or several others by engaging in the process of extending their influence on the Qi or life force for the benefit of others either nearby or at a distance.

"Qi" Calligraphy by Zhang Conghe
Calligraphy Qi by Zhang Conghe


How Does Distant or Non-Local Influence - Transmission - Occur?

Some experience this “power to heal” as extraordinary, some experience it as ordinary. Some feel that they are “doing” something to cause healing. This includes methods, knowledge bases, association with lineages (universal energy transmission channels) or traditional “lines” of empowerment.

Others feel that the most important thing in healing is to “do nothing” and in fact develop the capacity to enter a state of oneness wherein the unitary universal source does all that needs doing. In Integral Energetics we are clear that there are those who are gifted with extraordinary capacity, but also recognize through decades of experience that all people possess the natural connection to source and the ability to develop greater healing skill.

We know that it is somewhat simpler to learn to develop the capacity to “do nothing and merge with ONEness," however to get to the place of recognizing that power of unification with the ONEness, we advocate the exploration of numerous specific systems, techniques and bodies of knowledge, so that Integral Energetics Trainees can choose the path of “doing” by gaining expertise in a knowledge base and set of techniques/methods or the path of “not doing” as a healer or facilitator of healing in the context where a greater energetic consciousness/intelligence is driving the process.

This sounds like an either/or choice, however for most it is a highly integrative and integral experience. Following the Integral Energetics Certification Training, every participant will have a completely unique method for assisting others. It is quite profound.

In the earliest phases of cultivating the capacity to assist others with Integral Energetics, most participants will use a wide array of methods which are a part of the curriculum to find their way to the approach that is best suited to their own energetic, emotional, intellectual, spiritual nature. Some do have that gift and the Integral Energetics Training will polish that gift. Others long to be of service, and Integral Energetics Training grants all the necessary training and support to quickly develop the capacity to help, and even more importantly, to empower others.

What Is the Difference Between Therapy Versus Healing?

Hands of Light

One of the most interesting areas for exploration in regard to the process of supporting oneself and others to balance and harmony in life and function is the issue of placing energy healing on the continuum between medical therapies and healing methodologies. Clearly, clinical therapeutic strategies that address diagnostically defined diseases and pathologies are a completely different aspect of the continuum from healing and health maximizing strategies. The latter are not based on diagnosis of disease and the utilization of medical or clinical methods.

One way to see this is that the clinical therapeutic realm or domain is based on finding the problem through diagnosis and taking clinical/therapeutic action to modify, neutralize or even eliminate the pathology. The healing and health maximization approach does not diagnose or treat disease. It focuses on discovering where the naturally occurring well being is within the system and supports the process of enhancing that well being or greater functionality and distributing it more widely and more efficiently throughout the whole system – body, mind and spirit. Clinical therapeutics diagnose and treat disease; healing and health enhancement methods assess well-being and functional assets and maximize them.

Is This Medical Qigong?

Reproduction by Peter Deadman - Dao-Yin Tu (guiding and pulling exercises) silk scroll found in the tomb at Mawangdui, China 168 BCE or before.
Dao Yin Poster by Peter Deadman

In terms of Medical Qigong – clinical/therapeutic Medical Qigong uses diagnosis of disease and the Medical Qigong Therapist treats the disease. Healing and Health Enhancement Medical Qigong finds the healthy Qi and maximizes its capacity for health recovery and the enhancement of functional capacity.

It is important to note that, historically in China, giving Qigong the name medical Qigong was a method for protecting the traditions of healing and health enhancement from the cultural destructive momentum of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, which nearly obliterated all of the great healing and medical knowledge in China. When one does a thorough review of Qigong and Medical Qigong, this is very apparent.

Please reference the text Chinese Medical Qigong and the very incisive reflection "Qigong Fever" for a review of Qigong and Medical Qigong from a clinical and historical perspective.


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