May 24 - 30, 2016

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The Practice of Being Energy

You are not just matter; you are energy.

Energetics describes the total energy relationships and transformations of a physical, chemical, or biological system. As an energetic being, your life expresses itself as energetic phenomena from moment to moment. You also sense energy and may even come to have a relationship with it as you come to know it in yourself and others.

Watch a short video on the mindset you tap into when you practice Qigong.

Do You Know Yourself As Energy?

Many of us act as if experts (surgeons, therapists, healers and psychics) can know more about us than we can know about ourselves. In this we deny a widely known possibility — we are ultimately eternal, inherently well and in the most ultimate sense, cannot be harmed.

There is little science that confirms that experts can know more about a human being – in the sense of wholeness – than the being can know about him or herself. In fact science confirms otherwise – we can understand ourselves, we can heal ourselves and we can support, inspire and empower others. The mysterious capacities of the great wizards, Jedis and Qi masters are simply the power of the universe in the hands of disciplined cultivators.

Golden Elixir Qigong

What Do You "Do" with Energy?

Primordial Energetics: Merging Wuji Gong and Qi Transmission is a "way" of being. In this course, we will be weaving course work for Primordial Qigong and Integral Energetics as a portal to personal transformation, an entry point to the eternal presence of peace and well-being within.

The ancient sages declared, "it is the sustained awareness of the aspect of self that is eternal, that cannot get sick and will never die!" In our everyday lives, there is much to challenge any confidence in our eternal presence. However if we develop, deepen and refine our personal practice, this is possible.

Every human being has a direct and also unique relationship with the unified field, original nature, God, the quantum, Source. This unique and personal connection is the essence of the capacity to heal oneself and to accept the opportunity to assist or foster others in what is typically referenced as healing, empowerment, connection, recovering one’s essence, accessing the natural state of well-being. When you “work” with energy, this is what you work with. Stated simply, Qi can be influenced to transform; Qi can be transmitted.

Learn to practice one of the most powerful

forms of Qigong and methods of energy medicine.

Golden Elixir Qigong, known in China as Wuji Gong, is also translated as Primordial Qigong. Golden Elixir Qigong methods are the ultimate in the realm of Qigong methods and practices, with historic roots in ancient Daoism and Chinese shamanism. Primordial Qigong is revered in the sacred Wudang Mountains of China as the Mother of Tai Chi.


With Primordial Energetics you will cultivate both physical stillness and conscious movement to access the eternal source of well being. Deep relaxation combined with specialized yet easy breath practice, a flow of body postures and movements PLUS focused mind intention produces the Golden Elixir within you.

What You Will Learn

    1. Develop Inner Alchemy (Neigong or internal skill) in your Qigong practice to rehabilitate your cells and your DNA.

    2. Perceive energy within and around your body -- Feel the Qi, Direct the Qi, Transform the Qi -- to refine "ordinary" awareness to develop your extrasensory perception and work with the energetics of the mental and emotional bodies.

    3. Learn and practice the Primordial Qigong form and "Tapping Primordial" a version of tapping acupressure.

    4. Learn to discriminate various states of mind/consciousness and their practice uses.

    5. Participants receive a training manual and have exclusive access to a web-based membership library of audio and video materials.

The ultimate purpose of this practice is to realize at ONEness with Heaven or The Dao or the ALL THAT IS or could ever be.

The study of how Qi can be influenced is the realm of energy medicine. You will be amazed at how much power and wisdom you have to use and share — there is nothing but energy in the universe, and we are after all, energetic beings. Many believe that the body has an energy, but it is now clear that in fact the energy has a body.

Mind-body practice and energy medicine and have 2 components:

    1. Self-Cultivation
    2. Service to Others

Inner Peace In Dr. Jahnke's book The Healing Promise of Qi this aspect of "integral" self-cultivation is explored as the 9 Phases of Cultivation and Mastery. The 10th Phase of Cultivation and Mastery, Qi Transmission is compassionate service to others.

Service to others is an integral approach to what many call "healing." This domain of healing is where one or several individuals assists in enhancing the well-being one or several others by engaging in the process of extending their influence on the Qi or life force for the benefit of empowering others either nearby or even in another country.

This is also referenced as energy healing, Qi transmission, therapeutic touch, healing touch, biofield healing, Reiki, quantum healing, aura healing, chakra healing, and meridian healing.

We will not be exploring specific techniques but the underlying principles of these modalities for personal and planetary healing. As you commit to self-cultivation and personal practice, you will tap the real power, the real gold of the practice that makes expression of compassionate service possible and uncovers your essence. In this training you will not need to acquire anything or make anything happen. Instead, we purposefully release that which obscures your True Essence — to reveal the light and truth of the alchemical inner powers and elixirs that heal and transmute.

Certification to Teach Primordial Qigong

If you are a graduate of the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi 200 hour Teacher Training program, there is an opportunity to get certified to lead and teach Primordial Qigong.

The requirements include:

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The Healing Promise of Qi
The Book of Balance and Harmony
The Secret of the Golden Flower
Portions of the I Ching
and the Dao De Jing

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